#ServeTheOne Series: Use your Gifts

  Barbara Mccoy 07-10-15 copy

Barbara McCoy, Pastor Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church 

Florida, USA

“Service to me means praying and asking God: ‘how am I gifted?’ Once I understand how I’m gifted then praying and asking ‘how can I use that gift to reach people for you?’ And it can be in many different capacities.
Just open yourself up to God and ask ‘how can I be used to further Your Kingdom?’
My favorite way to serve is encouraging people.”


Mayra del Villar-Malcolm_07-10-15

 Mayra del Villar-Malcolm 

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

 “My ministry is my children.” 


Josie Watson_07-10-15

Josie Watson 


“Service means putting self last and putting others first.
My favorite way to serve is to assist people, especially women. Women happen to be highly vulnerable. I help to empower them. There are so many issues that affect women including poverty, health issues, amongst others. So when you can minimize those issues that affect them through training programs and literacy programs, that’s a great way to help them.”


Cynthia Panti_07-10-15

Cynthia Panti 


“I am an orthodontist, so I love helping people with their physical pain but also just talking with them about religion or about any problems that they have, praying with them, etc. I feel like in my career it’s really easy to help others. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to do that.
We have groups of volunteers that go to Guatemala or poor areas in Mexico. We do extractions, cleanings, and prevention. Our ministry has opened so many doors to tell people about Jesus. Many people have gotten baptized after we offered healthcare in their towns. I think what we do is like Jesus’ ministry. First, we care for their physical needs and then we care for their spiritual needs.”


We’re here in San Antonio, Texas for the General Conference Session. All week we’re asking visitors what service means to them and we’re so inspired by the different ways people serve.

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