#ServeTheOne Series: The Humanitarians

Mario_Imad_GC Session_07-03-15

Mario Ochoa, ADRA VP for Human Resources & Leadership Development

Silver Spring, Maryland (USA)

“Service, to me, is to give of yourself to others and it’s the embodiment of discipleship. We want to serve our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, all the people.”

Imad Madanat, ADRA VP for Programs

Silver Spring, Maryland (USA)

“If we can be agents to give people hope and optimism about the future and give them practical solutions to help develop the world around them, that is service.”

Sarah and David Macomber_07-03-15

David Macomber


“Why do we serve? He called us.”

Sarah Macomber


“Have you seen how faithful God is? It just makes you want to be faithful to Him.”


We’re here in San Antonio, Texas for the General Conference Session. All week we’re asking visitors what service means to them and we’re so inspired by the different ways people serve.

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