#ServeTheOne Series: GC Session

Hanael & Maeva Saint-Louis Gabriel_07-04-15

Hanael Saint-Louis Gabriel


“Serving people is something like putting others on top. Sometimes I serve people by smiling with them and being happy. I know life sometimes can be tough so I try to serve people by smiling with them. My smile can help them to be happy and less depressed.” 

Maeva Saint-Louis Gabriel

St. Maarten

“Service to me means helping people in different ways. I serve others through singing because I know singing makes people feel better.”


Magdalena Galván

Dominican Republic

“I like to serve by teaching small children in school, and I also take the opportunity to teach them about Jesus.”


Ramón Alcántara

Dominican Republic

And I like to serve through construction-that’s where I can be of most help because that’s my area of expertise.”


We’re here in San Antonio, Texas for the General Conference Session. All week we’re asking visitors what service means to them and we’re so inspired by the different ways people serve.

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