Response to Flooding in Australia

Australia: ADRA Responds to Severe Flooding in Queensland

SILVER SPRING, Md. – The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia has committed AUD$100,000 towards relief efforts in response to the disastrous floods, which have turned approximately three fourths of the northeastern state of Queensland into a disaster zone.

In response to the devastating flooding, which has already left more than 30 people dead and caused upwards of US$20 billion in damages, ADRA Australia has already assisted hundreds of people with emergency accommodation in three separate shelters in northern New South Wales state, one of the areas closest to the devastation. Additionally, ADRA has provided food, clothing and blankets to those affected through the assistance of ADRA Op Shops, a community service program.

ADRA Australia continues to work with state and local governments to develop programs that will address the immediate needs of flood-affected communities and post-flood cleanup efforts, which are expected to take time.

ADRA will continue to release updates as response efforts expand.

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