Responding to Hurricane Marty in Mexico

In early October, Hurricane Marty hit parts of Mexico with winds up to 70 km/h, causing massive damage to hundreds of homes. The storm affected more than 9,000 people and dumped 80 mm of rain on Port of Guaymas, Sonora in particular.

ADRA Mexico is working closely with the Municipal Civil Protection Departments of the affected municipalities, as well as the North Mexican Union and Sonora Conference, to bring immediate relief and disaster response to the area through the distribution of food kits and household necessities.

Around 325 households (more than 1,600 individuals) are receiving corn flour, rice, pasta, oats, tomato sauce, beans, lentils, sugar, cooking oil, and salt. Priority is being given to families who lack the economic conditions to cope with the damage caused by Hurricane Marty and need compassionate assistance.

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