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Kids going to school, a mother trying to keep her children fed, a grandmother who wants more for her family. People who have been displaced from their homes are just like you and me, and their stories are worth a watch!

Take a walk in Yeasin’s footsteps. She and what’s left of her family are Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. See what life is like in a refugee camp.

The need in Yemen is critical – food shortages, cholera, and unrest plague the daily lives of those who have already been displaced from their homes. Meet Halima who is caring for her grandchildren in conditions unlike anywhere else in the world.

ADRA Austria is serving refugees while helping them to adjust to life in their new surroundings and finding ways for them to get involved in their communities.

ADRA Uganda is serving refugees and other displaced persons throughout their country. They work with those displaced from neighboring DRC and South Sudan, but also the Batwa people from within their own borders. This video shows their work with the Batwa and the love they show in all of their projects.

Your support reaches refugees and others in crisis around the world. Thank you for your contributions and your prayers.

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