One month since Earthquake in Nepal, ADRA Responds

Take Care Nepal: One month since Earthquake in Nepal, ADRA responds to community needs

KATHMANDU, NEPAL —It has been one month since the Gorkha earthquake hit Nepal and almost three weeks since a second quake rocked the country. ADRA continues to provide urgent care and relief to the hundreds of thousands afflicted by this catastrophe.

“Many Nepalese were simply looking for comfort and kind words; for days, thousands were isolated, and when we managed to reach them, their relief was palpable,” said Thierry Van Bignoot, the Director of Emergency Management at ADRA International, who spent the last three weeks in Nepal.

Over the course of the last month ADRA’s aid has reached 29,988 Nepalese across 4,998 households in seven districts. Through ADRA’s distribution network 2,978 tarpaulins and 1,000 family shelter kits (consisting of two tarpaulins, hammer, nails and rope to construct a tent) have been dispensed, as well as 1,000 food packages that feed a family of six for 15 days.

With the monsoon season rapidly approaching, however, local staff is working night and day to ensure that the people of Nepal have the necessities they need for survival. On top of the food, water and shelter contributions, ADRA has also set up seven mobile medical tents, and water and sanitation activities in 10 schools plus awareness training in 19 more to ensure safe consumption practices and curb any outbreak of water or food borne disease.

In the last week, the Nepali government and the United Nations have both called for more direct emergency aid for food, clean water, and shelter.
As the most acute needs of the population are met, ADRA is continuing its support of the Nepalese, according to Van Bignoot. Current ADRA programs include an initiative that works to empower individuals and communities through programs in family planning, economic development, adolescent and youth activity and literacy, and public health, and the Family Health Project, through which ADRA provided health services from training to check-ups.

Your donation goes to ADRA’s emergency relief fund which helps meet the basic needs of people around the world.

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