More Rain Brings More Floods in Brazil

ADRA is assisting around 500 families with emergency food after flooding has forced them from their homes in Brazil.

Abnormal heavy rains in recent days has caused the level of the Jaru River to rise, leaving 485 families homeless in Jaru, Rondonia, about 290 km from Porto Velho.

These displaced families are in need of food, and ADRA’s response is the distribution of food baskets to all affected families. ADRA is working with the local government, as well as the fire department to coordinate the response.

According to an assessment by the National Water Agency, the Jaru river reached historic mark of 11 meters, three meters above normal, which is highest in the last 20 years. The Company of Water and Sewage Rondônia (CAERD) reported that the water supply in the city was stopped. More rain is in the forecast.

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