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Rwanda: ADRA Donates Latrines to Primary School

SILVER SPRING, Md. – The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has made the school day far less challenging for Janjagiro Primary School in the Rwamagana District of Rwanda, through providing the school with significantly needed latrines. In total, 14 latrines were constructed, two of which were built to meet the needs of two students living with physical handicaps.

This recent addition to the school has made the daily routine of the students much easier. “Before we used to come to school without eating breakfast to avoid going to the bathroom, now ADRA Rwanda and the donors have thought about us. Now without any worry, we have breakfast at home before coming to school,” one student shared.

The school’s headmaster, teachers, students, and parents gathered together for a ceremony, expressing their gladness for ADRA’s significant donation. Also in attendance were ADRA Poland Country Director Piotr Nowacki, ADRA Rwanda Education Program Manager Esther Nandudu, and Executive Secretary Gahizi Vivens.

For the past few years, ADRA Rwanda has provided training for teachers to equip them with a greater understanding of how to teach children with disabilities. In addition, the parents and Parents Committee have also received training. Changes in addressing the needs of all student types are now evident through newly constructed ramps to accommodate students in wheelchairs, and custom-made latrines for children with disabilities.

This project was implemented by ADRA Rwanda and sponsored by ADRA Poland and the Christian Charity Service.

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