Haiti Update: Hurricane Matthew Response Continues

Donations to ADRA’s emergency fund are still needed as the response to Hurricane Matthew continues.

An astounding 2.1 million have been greatly affected by the effects if Hurricane Matthew, including close to 900,000 children. Around 1,000 lost their lives to the storm in Haiti alone.

For any country, this is huge. For a country already on its knees, it’s devastating.

ADRA is in action, providing urgent disaster relief to hundreds of thousands of those hardest hit by the hurricane. Your support is helping us provide resources for the following:

  • Access to safe water sources
  • Cholera prevention
  • Hygiene kits
  • Shelter supplies
  • Emergency food

In a disaster of this scale in a poor country, resources will be depleted quickly. We are asking our supporters and members of our Seventh-day Adventist church family to donate now to support ADRA’s emergency response fund so our actions can continue to meet the needs of those in Haiti and other countries in crisis.

What can your emergency donation provide?

  • $20 can help prevent the spread of cholera by supplying a hygiene kit for a family of five
  • $50 can provide food and water for a family of five for a week
  • $120 can provide a two-week supply of food, water, and hygiene supplies for a family of five
  • $500 can help provide shelter

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