From Here to There

Welcome to ADRA’s new blog! We are very excited to have this outlet where we can share not only what we do, but also how and why we do it.

Whether your contribution is a prayer from your heart or a donation from your pocket, we want you to see how your action here changes lives there.
You might be asking where, exactly, is “there?” ADRA currently works in more than 130 countries around the world. In the next few weeks alone, Here & There will take you to Nepal, Mozambique, and Lebanon to see God’s love in action and meet those who have been touched by this ministry.

We’ll also be bringing in our technical experts, not only those based in Silver Spring, but also the local ADRA field staff worldwide, to answer your questions about how wells are dug, how goat banks work, and maybe even teach you a thing or two about gardening ADRA-style.

In the meantime, let me introduce you to the blog team:


Ashley Eisele,
Content Manager

I’m a lifelong writer and the lucky editor of this new blog. Born in Tennessee, but also a citizen of Australia, I answer to both “howdy” and “g’day” if you need to get in touch:


 Erykah St. Louis,
Digital Strategy Associate

  Erykah may not be familiar to you (yet), but
our new website is the product of her artistic
brain and stylish eye. She’s a one-woman digital powerhouse from Canada and a people magnet when she travels.

NataliaNatalia Lopez-Thismon,
Associate Director for Communication

Our communication and PR maven, Natalia left the Miami Heat to join ADRA. Producing our TV show, this Venezuela native saw more of the world in 6 months than many will get to see in a lifetime.


Lauren Lombard,
Marketing Specialist

An ambassador for ADRA, Lauren travels the country sharing our story at events. She loves being the bridge between the amazing people who make our work possible and those who inspire us.

Michael wall

Michael Rohm, Content Intern

An intern only in title (and pay), Michael is a vital member of our team. This Oregonian is a natural storyteller, a masterful copywriter, and a champion of following every goat trail wherever it may lead.

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