Four Earthquake, Four Days, Three Countries

Four strong earthquakes in four days have shaken Myanmar, Japan, and Ecuador.


The first earthquake was a reported 6.9 magnitude in the country of Myanmar on Wednesday. Thankfully, no major damage has been reported and there were no casualties.


Japan saw back to back shakes–a 6.4 magnitude on Thursday, now being call a “pre-quake” by many, and a stronger 7.3 magnitude quake on Saturday morning (local time).

ADRA Japan is beginning response plans and will be coordinating volunteers in cooperation with the local Seventh-day Adventist church. We will update as response activities begin.

At least 32 lives were taken due to the earthquakes, hundreds were in injured, and thousands were forced out of their damaged or destroyed homes. It is feared that dozens are still missing within the rubble as well. Of those still in their homes, around 100,000 don’t have power and as many as 400,000 have been cut off from water.

Regular aftershocks have shaken the affected area and are expected to continue.


The latest earthquake was a very strong 7.8 magnitude in Ecuador on Saturday night. A state of emergency has been declared in several provinces, with 77 deaths and close 800 injuries reported already. It is the strongest quake to hit Ecuador since 1979.

ADRA is making assessments for emergency response. More reports to come.

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