Five Ways You Can Join Us in Helping Refugees

  1. Host a Refugee Sabbath at your church. June 17, 2017 is World Refugee Sabbath, but you can host one any time. Here are some materials to get you started. You can also find daily prayers at June 14-20. The prayers will remain on the site after June 20, forming a 7-day prayer guide you can begin anytime.
  2. Make a donation to ADRA’s Emergency Fund, which goes towards people affected by disaster, including people forced from their homes by environmental crisis or human conflict.
  3. Sign our pledge to make a personal commitment to supporting refugees. By signing the pledge, you’ll also be signing up for our mailing list, which will keep you updated with refugee issues, ADRA’s work with refugees, and more ways for you to get involved with refugees both at home and abroad.
  4. Consider getting involved with or starting a refugee project in your community, with your church, school or other group of caring individuals. If you live in the US, you can contact Terri Saelee from NAD Refugee Ministries at to find out about how you can help refugees in the US.
  5. Join us on an ADRA Connections trip to volunteer with a refugee project in another country. ADRA International launched our ADRA Connections program this year, which connects people with a passion for making a difference with communities in need all around the world. Next year we’ll be expanding our program to include trips to assist with refugee projects in several different countries. Visit ADRA Connections to learn more about the program, and register your interest to receive information about upcoming trip opportunities.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting refugees. Your contributions and prayers are truly life changing.

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