European Refugee Crisis: ADRA expands response as refugee influx continues

The refugee crisis in Europe shows no signs of abating. Already this year, more than 131,000 people made the journey across the Mediterranean, with almost 123,000 refugees landing in Greece, according to the UNHCR.

ADRA has projects assisting refugees in seven Eastern European countries, where we’ve already helped over 120,000 refugees. Our response has included providing essential items, including food, clothing and hygiene kits, and services such as transport, information and translation services, psychosocial support and charging stations.

Below is an update of some of our programs.


ADRA Slovenia staff and volunteers meet refugees arriving by train in Dobrova. They accompany them to the reception center, ensuring that anyone needing it receives water and medical attention. Once refugees are registered, ADRA distributes food and hygiene items. They also escort mothers with small children to a special area where they can breastfeed and change diapers. They even help with the cleaning of the camp.

Macedonia & Bulgaria

Winter was a difficult season for refugees, particularly those who were still on the move. ADRA Macedonia and ADRA Bulgaria distributed winterization items such as blankets, raincoats, shoes and warm clothes to help protect refugees from the cold and associated illnesses.


ADRA Croatia maintains a 24/7 presence in the refugee camp in SlavonskiBrod. Ongoing activities include providing psycho-social support, assisting refugees to access available camp services, and supervising charging station usage. During winter they also distributed winter clothing to hundreds of refugees.

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