EMERGENCY: Hurricane Dorian Devastates Bahamas

ADRA is on standby to respond to Hurricane Dorian as its devastation is already being felt in the Bahamas.

You are a critical member of our emergency response team – please make an urgent donation now.

ADRA’s team on the ground called the now Category 4 storm “the worst hurricane we’ve ever experienced.” Entire towns have lost all of their homes, communication has been cut in much of the region, and most residents are taking shelter.

The full extent of Hurricane Dorian’s damage in the Bahamas has yet to be seen as access to many areas isn’t possible yet, but it’s clear that there is an urgent need for food, clean water, and other emergency supplies.

The storm is moving slowly and will stay in the Bahamas before moving onwards. ADRA will continue to monitor Hurricane Dorian as it approaches US states and is ready to respond.

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