Ecuador Earthquake Response Continues

ADRA’s disaster response is into its second week after a devastating earthquake hit the country of Ecuador.

ADRA Ecuador has been mobilizing hundreds of active volunteers in the most affected areas of the country. These volunteers are running collection sites that receive donations of nonperishable food and basic hygiene items from church members and the general public, as well as water that is transported and distributed in the affected areas.

On Sunday, April 17, ADRA traveled to to Pedernales with the first load of vital aid. ADRA was one of the first agencies to arrive with assistance in the area, immediately distributing water and dry food kits.

So far ADRA distributed more than 100 tons of food and water across the affected area, as well as half a ton of clothing and one ton of personal hygiene materials.

All of these activities were carried out in coordination with the MIES (Ministry of Economic and Social inclusion).

ADRA has been requested by the MIES to assist with the assessment and coordination of distribution of assistance in Bahia, San Vicente, Jama and canoa, areas that are difficult to reach and haven’t received other aid.

ADRA has also completed the setup of a water purification plant in Jama, that can make 173,000 liters per day of safe drinking water with the support of a private company and in coordination with cluster members and the MIES.


A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Ecuador on April 16 with its epicenter in the coastal city of Pedernales. The death toll has been increased to 660, according to the latest official numbers..

The number of people affected is estimated at 750,000 with almost 23,000 currently being housed in temporary shelter due to damaged or destroyed homes.

Emergency support is critical – please consider an urgent monetary contribution.

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