Daily Hope: Day 1

Dear ADRA Family,

You may have noticed that it is increasingly difficult to avoid the news these days, and that the news is not very encouraging. Every day we hear updates about the global health crisis, the economy, and nationwide closures and restrictions.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, however, we cling to the certainty of Christ’s return. In the midst of fear, we trust that God has a perfect plan.

Let this Daily Hope be a reminder to you that there is good in the world and that God is still with us. Though the television says otherwise, there is so much to celebrate around the world.

Consider little, Rikaa, for example. The seven-year-old just stared first grade this year and already loves math. She looks forward to each new day. Though she comes from a poor family in a rural part of central Namibia, she still finds joy in her education—even when she has to occasionally miss school because of distance or expense.

Do you know what else makes Rikaa happy? This polaroid photo. In poor communities, family photos can be hard to come by, and the seven-year-old cherishes the only one she has.

Many people around the world agree that family photos are their most precious possessions, so it’s not hard to related to little Rikaa. Would you count family photos among your most prized possessions?  Personally, I am filled with joy when I reflect on the blessings of my family. Photos are a wonderful way to stay connected and remember those many blessings.

During this time of confusion, remember the blessings of family and the promises of God. “I will never leave you nor forsake you,” He tells us in the book of Joshua. My family and I trust in this promise, and I pray the same is true for you.

Join us each morning for another dose of Daily Hope and remember to submit your prayer requests for our weekly live prayer each Monday.

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