Daily Hope: Day 17

Dear ADRA Family,

Vacencia is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo currently living in Uganda. During one of the many violent conflicts in her home country, she lost some of her family, and she lost her leg. She walks around with a prosthetic now—one of the many daily reminders of her painful losses in life.

Many of us around the world are suffering due to this global health crisis. Few of us suffer like Vacencia has. 

I say this not as a reminder of the sadness of life, but as a reminder that there is hope. Few smiles are as meaningful as Vacenica’s when she admits to one of our staff that she wants to be a doctor. That smile reveals her spirit and shows that beneath her loss there is still faith. 

See how she smiles. Hear her guarded optimism as she imagines a better future. 

Right now, ADRA continues to help equip the boarding school Vacencia calls home in Uganda. It is not her entire journey, but it is a step in the right direction, and we are honored to be there for her. 

As you wait for the end of this pandemic, think of Vacencia. We all suffer at times in life, but always there is a reason to smile. 

May God bless you all.

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