Daily Hope: Day 2

Dear ADRA Family,

The Sabbath was set apart by God as a day of rest. That means physical rest, which I certainly appreciate, but also a rest for the mind and soul.

During this ongoing global health crisis, we need the Sabbath now more than ever. Our minds are troubled by the news cycle. Our bodies are tired from restless nights. Thank God for the Sabbath. This holy day is a gift of love from Him, and my prayer today is that you accept that gift and find peace.

I am reminded of a mother in Mozambique who found rest after years of labor. Ana Diana has been collecting water her entire life, first as a child serving her family, and then as a mother serving her two young children.

All her life, the young mother was forced to hike to the distant river and collect buckets of dirty water—the same water her community used for bathing and washing dishes. Water-borne illnesses were inescapable.

Ana Diana still collects water, but now she can just walk around the block to the nearby ADRA Water Kiosk, a well that pumps cold, clean water. Today, Ana Diana is healthy, and so are her two beautiful children. The mother doesn’t have to worry her mind over bad water or weaken her body on long journeys anymore. She can rest easy in the knowledge that good, clean water is just a few yards away.

We are told in Genesis, “God blessed the seventh day and made it holy.” In these troubling times, this holy day is a valuable reminder that God has a plan for us. Like Ana Diana, you can rest easy knowing our needs are met.

God bless you all

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