Community Change in Rwanda

ADRA Promotes Positive Community Change in Rwanda

SILVER SPRING, Md. – In Rwanda, several communities are now taking action to improve tolerance and advocate the need for change over issues once seen as insignificant. This heightened state of awareness comes as a result of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency’s (ADRA) efforts in community training and development.

Through collaboration with a local training college in the Tumba region, ADRA Rwanda has provided 26 teachers with teaching methods to best help students with special learning needs. Commonly faced with discrimination from teachers and pupils, students with special needs are now receiving a fair chance of education from their newly trained teachers.  Amongst the first in their district, these teachers have been taught skills to effectively help students who endure learning barriers in the traditional classroom setting. ADRA’s program does not stop here, these newly trained teachers are advocating the right of education for children with special needs, and are striving to eliminate the discrimination these children often face.

ADRA Rwanda’s efforts to increase awareness of the need for societal change and development can also be seen through its project, Action for Social Change. This project, funded by the local government, aims to establish model villages that will address various issues such as status of schools, health facilities, road safety and other issues surrounding infrastructure.  Through radio and television programs, ADRA Rwanda aims to raise awareness about the importance of self-initiative in order to promote positive community change.

ADRA’s programs continue to provide numerous individuals’ with education and training, giving them a renewed sense of self-confidence and empowering them to become respected members of society.

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