Food Assistance



ADRA has provided food assistance to millions of people worldwide. In 2019 alone, ADRA distributed food aid to over 3 million beneficiaries in various countries affected by crises, natural disasters, and food insecurity.



ADRA’s approach to food assistance emphasizes sustainability and community empowerment. Through its agricultural and livelihood programs, ADRA has helped numerous communities improve food security and self sufficiency. In 2020, ADRA supported more than 80,000 farmers with training and resources to increase agricultural productivity and food production.


Annual Disasters

ADRA is committed to responding rapidly to emergencies. On average, ADRA responds to approximately 70 disasters each year, providing immediate food assistance and other forms of aid to those affected by disasters such as earthquakes, floods, droughts, and conflicts.


ADRA's Approach to Food Assistance

Bolstering Local Markets

ADRA approaches food assistance by bolstering local markets, aiming to strengthen the overall food security of a community. Instead of relying solely on external aid, ADRA supports local farmers and businesses, providing them with resources, training, and access to markets. By empowering local producers, ADRA helps create sustainable livelihoods and a more resilient food system, reducing dependency on external aid in the long run.


ADRA utilizes a voucher-based food assistance approach, providing vulnerable populations with vouchers that can be redeemed for food items at local markets or authorized vendors. This method empowers beneficiaries by offering them choice and dignity in selecting the food items that best suit their dietary needs and cultural preferences. Additionally, the use of vouchers stimulates local markets, benefiting both recipients and local businesses.

Logistics Systems

ADRA employs efficient logistics systems to ensure the timely and reliable delivery of food aid to communities in need. By utilizing technology and strategic planning, ADRA minimizes delays and wastage, optimizing the distribution process. The effective logistics systems enable ADRA to respond rapidly to emergencies and reach remote or inaccessible areas, ensuring that food assistance reaches those who need it most, even in challenging circumstances.

Local Procurement

ADRA emphasizes local procurement of food aid whenever possible. By sourcing food locally, ADRA not only supports the local economy but also ensures that the food provided aligns with the dietary habits and preferences of the beneficiaries. This approach fosters community engagement and ownership, making the food assistance program more effective and sustainable.


Impact Stories


Where We Work

Discover the incredible impact ADRA has across the world! With a presence in over 120 countries, ADRA brings new hope and positive change to countless communities in need. From disaster relief to long-term sustainable development projects, ADRA’s commitment to making a difference has inspired many to join in their efforts to create a better world. Through perseverance and compassion, ADRA has touched the lives of so many and continues to inspire us all to work towards a brighter future. Together we can make a difference.

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