ADRA Honduras Seeing Success in Zika Prevention

ADRA is acting to help stop the spread of Zika in Honduras, where 30,768 infections have been reported.

ADRA Honduras is actively working in communities where the Zika and Chikungunya viruses have infected thousands. The main objective this response effort is to provide prevention actions thru mobilizing and training community health volunteers, community cleaning campaigns, raising awareness and education efforts in public schools, supporting local community health centers with basic supplies, and providing health kits with mosquito nets to vulnerable families.

The prevention campaign is seeing success. Last quarter, more than 150 were infected in one area alone, compared to zero in the first quarter of 2016.

There are concerns that as summer approaches, mosquito proliferation might increase due to the hot weather, therefore it is crucial to continue working in the zone with preventative measures, as well as covering new areas that haven’t been reached.

ADRA Honduras is focusing on 12 communities with more than 580 families (3,900 people) in the municipalities of San Jose, San Miguelito and Pespire.

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