ADRA Responding to Rohingya Crisis

ADRA is providing urgent emergency relief in response to the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh, where at least 422,000 people have arrived in the last month after fleeing violence in Myanmar.

ADRA’s emergency response team is coordinating the delivery of emergency food, shelter kits, and hygiene resources to Rohingya refugees in the Kutupalong camp. This camp is now home to roughly 197,000 displaced Rohingya in the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh.

The Emergency Response Coordinator, Michael Peach, shared his early observations from the refugee camp:

“The camp has to be seen to be believed – there are bandaged people everywhere. So many of the refugees have been shot as they fled villages and cross the border. Very sick kids too. Parents are just walking around holding limp children in the hot sun, and there are a lot of funeral services.”

The Rohingya are an ethnic minority residing in the country of Myanmar and are thought to have a population of around 1 million. Tensions around the Rohingya turned into violence against them in August, causing more than 422,000 of them to flee for their lives across the border into Bangladesh.

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