ADRA Ready to Respond to Multiple Storms

The Atlantic and the Pacific Rocked by Tropical Storms Florence, Isaac, Helene, and Mangkhut Set to Cause Potential Devastation 

SILVER SPRING, MD, September 14, 2018 – Since Tuesday, September 11, the world has been closely watching as powerful storms are set to pass through several countries, including the Carolinas in the U.S., the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, and northern Luzon in the Philippines.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is ready to respond and is working in partnership with Adventist Community Services (ACS) to monitor Florence, which weakened to a category 1 storm, and has brought life-threatening wind and rain to the coasts of North and South Carolina. The Lesser Antilles has also been on the alert for tropical storm Isaac, which made landfall since Thursday, September 13. Hurricane Helene is set to make headway to northeast U.K. and is also being closely monitored.

Attention has also turned to category 5 typhoon Mangkhut, also known as Ompong, which reportedly may bring more rainfall devastation to the northern region of Luzon in the Philippines than Hurricane Haiyen did in 2013.

Due to the critical storm level, ADRA has deployed an emergency response team in the Isabella province who will be working with three local mission churches and government authorities to help prepare thousands of families and assess community needs.

The forecast for typhoon Manghut has not changed and is set to make landfall in the Philippines by Saturday morning. An aerial assessment is being considered once the typhoon passes.

ADRA urges everyone being impacted by these storms to tune into local news for updates while being cautious and alert as safety is a number one priority.

Urgent donations to ADRA’s emergency fund are requested. 

Get helpful tips on national preparedness by ADRA and the Adventist Community Services.

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