ADRA prepares food packs for Nepal

ADRA distributes food packs; partners with Scheer Memorial Hospital

KATHMANDU, NEPAL—ADRA staff and volunteers began packing food kits complete with rice, lentils, noodles, sugar, salt, and oil yesterday. The packs will last a family of six for two weeks, and will be distributed this weekend.

Twenty-six community volunteers met ADRA staff yesterday at the Scheer Memorial Hospital’s girl’s dormitory to help pack 1,000 food kits that will go to families in need in remote areas of Dhading.

“My friend asked me if I could come to help, so I came,” said Sohil Parajuli, 18, whose home was not affected by the earthquake. “It’s better than just watching the news helplessly. At least this way I can do something.”

Scheer Memorial Hospital is providing storage space for the food and a place to store them before distribution, but ADRA’s relationship with Scheer extends much further. In the next two weeks, ADRA and Scheer will run mobile medical camps to reach families in need in distant villages in Sindhupalchok district.

Needs assessments teams are reporting that 80-100 percent of health posts in the earthquake-affected areas were destroyed.

The mobile reproductive health camps will travel from village to village providing reproductive healthcare including pre and postnatal care, lab testing, and psychosocial counseling.

ADRA will also refer its beneficiaries with medical needs to Scheer Memorial Hospital for care.

“ADRA Nepal and Scheer Memorial Hospital are both dedicated to improving the lives and welfare of the people of Nepal,” said Dale Mole, CEO of Scheer Memorial Hospital. “By coordinating our efforts in a collaborative manner, we can achieve far more together than if each of us worked individually.”

“Scheer Memorial Hospital is our sister organization,” said Bidya Mahat, ADRA Nepal Programs Director. “We have had a longstanding relationship and are looking forward to continuing to work together to bring relief to families who are suffering.”

“In this time of tragedy, it is essential we leverage each organization’s unique abilities to provide relief to those who are suffering, comfort to those who are grieving, and hope to those who are discouraged,” said Mole.

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