ADRA partners with USAID in Food Security Program to reach 264,380 people

 ANTANANARIVO— The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is one of two agencies partnering with USAID in a $75 million food security initiative in Madagascar.

The five-year ADRA program titled Asotry* will reduce vulnerability and food insecurity among households and communities in the regions of Amoron’i Mania, Haute Matsiatra, and Atsimo Andrefana.

The program will directly benefit 264,380 children under five, women, and men and comprises the following objectives: improve health and nutrition, increase sustainable access to food, improve disaster preparedness and response, and improve natural resource management.

“ADRA’s theory of change is centered around holistic development,” said Imad Madanat, vice president of programs for ADRA International.  “To address the underlying causes of poverty and malnutrition, it is critical that we implement an integrated, multi-sectorial program.  In keeping with ADRA’s core values, Asotry will help some of the most vulnerable communities in Madagascar.”

Because of the high rates of malnutrition and stunting in children under five, ADRA will work with women and children to improve health and nutrition. Women’s groups will deliver education and promotion regarding maternal health, breastfeeding, caring for common illnesses, sanitation, and hygiene.

Additionally, farmers will receive technical assistance to sustainably increase crop yields and sales of products.  Farmer Field Schools will introduce farmers to agricultural innovations, including drought-resistant seeds, soil management techniques, and pest control.

This partnership with USAID follows a long list of successful ADRA projects in Madagascar, many of which were implemented with the help of USAID.

“We value our partnership with USAID,” said Madanat.  “It has enabled us to deliver high impact interventions and foster positive change around the world.”

*Name means ‘harvest’ in Malagasy

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