ADRA, GlobalMedic Deliver Medical Tents

ADRA and GlobalMedic partner to distribute tents to replace health posts

KATHMANDU, NEPAL— ADRA and GlobalMedic have partnered to provide large tents that will provide a temporary place for health posts that have been damaged or destroyed by last month’s earthquake.

“The people of 10 communities in Kavre District will have a better place to receive health services through ADRA working with GlobalMedic and Scheer Memorial Hospital,” explained Simon Lewis, former ADRA Nepal country director and emergency response team member.

Yesterday, ADRA and GlobalMedic delivered a 36-by-20-foot (10-by-6-meter) tent to Scheer Memorial Hospital that will help increase capacity for patients at the hospital.

“This tent is going to allow us to hang onto patients that could go back but don’t have a home to go back to,” said Dale Mole, president of Scheer Memorial Hospital. “After the earthquake, we had to have C-sections outdoors because patients were too afraid to enter. This tent gives us capacity we’ve never had before.”

For now, ADRA and GlobalMedic are distributing a total of 15 tents—10 in Kavre, including one at Scheer Memorial Hospital and five in Dhading.
“These tents are so multipurpose,” said David Sakaki, GlobalMedic volunteer. “They could be used for hospitals or for child-friendly spaces, or medical storage.”

A total of 240 health posts were destroyed in areas affected by the earthquake as well as 347 health posts have suffered severe damage. Lewis explained that while these 15 tents will make a large difference in these communities, there’s a lot of unmet need.

“For now, these communities in Dhading and Kavre will have somewhere safe, secure, and dry to meet their doctor, nurse or health worker in dignity,” said Lewis. “But we still need support from the global community to help us provide tents for healthcare.”

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