ADRA Begins Shelter Distribution

ADRA Begins Shelter Distribution in Nepal

KATHMANDU, NEPAL— Response to the earthquake in Nepal continues as the Adventist Development and Relief Agency begins to distribute much needed shelter to affected families in Dhading and Kavre districts.
Rainfall has already begun in Kathmandu and other affected areas. Meteorologists have predicted rainfall for the next 10 days, creating difficulty and discomfort for those still forced to sleep outside.
“We are working on responding as quickly as possible,” said Robert Patton, ADRA’s emergency response coordinator. “Trying to help protect these families and those who are most vulnerable—children, the elderly, the disabled—from the elements is one of our top priorities.”
Already, ADRA has distributed 1,710 tarps—1,360 in Kavre, where homes have been completely flattened, 345 in Dhading and five in Lalitpur.
Mai Ogawa, a program manager at ADRA Nepal visited Dhading district yesterday in anticipation of another distribution there in coming days.
“I felt helpless when I learned that it takes seven days to walk to the most affected areas. Helicopters have been prioritized for referring injured people and thousands are sleeping in open farming areas with what little they have left,” she explained. “Transportation is our biggest challenge right now.”

How to help

Aid agencies are asking that those who want to help the people of Nepal give cash donations.
“Cash donations enable organizations to respond to urgent needs as they change, which happens frequently in early stages of response,” said Thierry Van Bignoot, ADRA’s Director for Emergency Management. “They are the most efficient and allow us to purchase good locally, ensuring that everything we get is culturally and environmentally appropriate.”

 About ADRA

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