3,000 Sheltering at Adventist Compound and Receiving Care from ADRA

ADRA is providing emergency response to 3,000 people taking shelter at the Seventh-day Adventist Church compound in Juba, South Sudan.

The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) taking refuge at the compound doubled from the original 1,500 people and grows to around 5,000 at night.

An existing clinic on the compound has been providing healthcare to those who have fled, and ADRA has been distributing emergency supplies that were stored onsite.

ADRA is working on procuring additional supplies at this time. Food, clean water, hygiene, and shelter supplies are urgent needs, and will continue to be even if IDPs move elsewhere. ADRA partners have been able to deliver medical supplies to the compound to assist the clinic.

IDPs are taking shelter in every corner of the compound, including the church and classrooms. ADRA and other staff have given up their offices and are working out of a kitchen to provide more space for people.

A ceasefire in Juba has been in place since Monday night after five days of intense violence in Juba, and has been successful so far. Even as the ceasefire remains, humanitarian needs will be great for the area and those affected by these clashes, as well as the long-term insecurity in the country.

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