3 Reasons Why You Can Trust ADRA

Here at ADRA, we want you to trust us and today we want to give you a few good reasons why you should!

1. The Buck Stops Here

Your support of ADRA is more than a donation, it’s an investment in our mission. And you can be confident that your investment is safe with us. For every dollar you donate, 90 cents go directly to the projects you love! The last 10% from private donations goes to cover operational costs and to help us reach out to more amazing people just like you. You can always view our annual report and financial statements on ADRA.org.

To read more about how ADRA handles your giving and more, visit our FAQs.

2. Fueled by our Faith

ADRA’s purpose is to serve humanity so all may live as God intended and as the global humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, it is our faith that drives our work of compassion. Founded by the Biblical beliefs of justice, compassion, and love, we are able to unite people and organizations around programs that deliver lasting change.

Learn more about what makes ADRA’s heart beat online at About Us.

3. Keeping it Local

We have a worldwide infrastructure in more than 118 countries, and one reason our projects are successful is that they are planned, executed, and led on the local level. ADRA works side by side with community members, and the majority of our staff and volunteers in the field are from the countries where they work. All of this means that our projects are developed specifically for the people we serve, which is how it should always be!

Find out more about ADRA’s projects and Your Impact.

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