An important message for you

At ADRA, we are truly honored by your support. That’s why we want to be fully transparent with you about the information you share with us.

As part of our efforts to raise funds for our ongoing projects, we may use your donation data to create a model (called a “co-op” list) that will help identify other potential donors to ADRA. You can learn more about our data policies and the third parties we work with here.

Using the “co-op” model will enable us to better pinpoint those who have a heart for the work that we do but who might not otherwise know about our ministry.

Our hope is that many new friends will be moved—like you—to provide financial support so that we may continue our humanitarian and relief work around the world to help all live as God intended.

Today, we ask that you please let us know if you would not like to have your information used in this way. If so, please visit our contact  here to not have your information shared.

Thank you again for partnering with ADRA to reach those in greatest need with God’s love and hope.

We are grateful for you!

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