Whoever. Wherever. Whenever.

ADRA is blessed to be able to honor refugees and all those who have been displaced, through our work every day. This seems especially important now as a devastating new record was reached in 2022.  For the first time in recorded history, the number of people forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights violations, and […]

Milk Jugs & Change for Goats & Chickens

Elianne was on a mission. Making her way around her neighborhood, with her big brother by her side, the young girl knocked on door after door. “Hi, do you have any change?” she asked everyone who answered. “I’m getting money so I can buy a chicken for some people in Africa.” Elianne is one of […]

Don’t Come Home

Oriana’s mother doesn’t want her to come home. It may not sound like something a loving mother would want, but telling her daughter to stay away may be the most loving thing this mother could do. Years ago, Oriana fled Venezuela with her husband and their young daughter, Lucia, who is now six years old […]