ADRA Connections Extreme in Brazil

“For those who want to do something different, you have to step out of your comfort zone and realize you are doing something that will last a lifetime.” In July, Ashton Hardin traveled to the heart of the Amazon with 200 university students from the U.S. and Brazil as part of ADRA’s volunteer program—ADRA Connections. […]

Honduras: ADRA’s Farming Supports Communities’ Sustainability

Mrs. Juana Zelaya is a 57-year-old mother and wife who lives in the community of Las Casitas, 89 kilometers from the capital of Honduras. It is a community with very difficult road access and belongs to what is called the Dry Corridor of southern Honduras. Las Casitas is one of the areas with the highest […]

Yemen: A Baby Named ADRA

Yemen is in a hunger crisis so severe that much of the country is now on the brink of famine. Abdo, a Yemeni father with nine family members under his care, knows more than most about making sacrifices to keep his family fed in these conditions. Earlier this year, Abdo was suffering from a serious […]

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