ADRA Connections is an exciting opportunity to experience our projects first-hand. We have projects all over the world that are making a lasting impact in people’s lives and through ADRA Connections you too can be part of that legacy. We have locations in every region of the world and there are a variety of projects to get involved with. See below for the current opportunities or download the ADRA Connections Catalog.

An ADRA Connections experience typically ranges from 10 to 15 days. The majority of your time will be spent at the project site implementing the project and making meaningful connections with the community. Sightseeing activities at the end of the trip will help you relax and celebrate the impact you’ve made.

We want you to be free to focus on the experience, so your project, lodging, in-country transport, food, and all other logistics are organized by ADRA. Before departure, ADRA will work with your group as you raise funds and to ensure you are well prepared for a successful and safe trip.

    Countries List

  • Armenia

    Kindergarten Restoration: Explore the history and culture of Armenia while being a vital part of ADRA’s work repairing kindergarten buildings in desperate need of refurbishment.

    Playground Construction: Build a playground, construct a fence, and plant trees to give Armenian families a place to learn and grow in a safe environment. You will also have the opportunity to give sports equipment, hygiene packs, and winter clothes to disadvantaged children.

    Planting Gardens: Help provide children and their families with a safe place to meet and a way to learn how to produce nutritious food by building a community garden in an Armenian village.

  • Brazil

    Medical Clinics and Building Latrines: Thousands of families in the Amazon rain forest are cut off from access to basic health care and other essential needs. Live, eat, and sleep on the Luzeiro boats while you bring health and hope to some of the most remote communities on earth.

    Project: Choose your own adventure—join a medical team to bring a mobile clinic to the Amazon or get your hands dirty building latrines and providing hygiene and sanitation training. Can’t decide? Do both!

  • Cambodia

    Promoting Hygiene to Prevent Disease: Genocide brought Cambodia to its knees and destroyed thousands of families’ futures. You can help change that by providing for some essential community needs, while also building relationships with the families you’ve come to serve.

    Project: Work with a community to build latrines, water systems, and child shelters, while also running a fun kids club focused on improving hygiene.

  • Dominican Republic

    Community Health Clinic: Help to bring life-saving health care by helping us construct a community medical facility near the campus of the local Adventist University. Once completed, the center will be able to offer community health services and health education.

    Project: We’ll keep you busy putting in walls, assisting with wiring, painting, and landscaping for the completion of this much needed facility.

  • Haiti

    School and Shelter Rebuild: This island nation has been ravaged by natural disasters and thousands of children have been left without a home or school. Join ADRA on a building trip to construct shelters and schools for communities devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

    Project: Rebuilding schools so children can continue their education, or constructing shelters for those who lost everything during Hurricane Matthew.

  • Madagascar

    Classroom Construction: One of the most unique places in the world faces challenges that prevent many children from getting an education. Overcrowding in classrooms is common, and some communities have no schools at all.

    Project: Help us build classrooms and desks for a local elementary school that has outgrown their facilities and give more children a chance to study.

  • Mozambique

    Munguluni Mission: Munguluni Mission is one of the few places in the world where you will have a chance to see nearly every aspect of ADRA’s work all in one place. Water projects, a medical and dental clinic, nutrition program, agriculture, livelihoods, and education with a school full of kids that will steal your heart.

    Project: Construct teacher housing or join in the agriculture development that supports this school and the community surrounding it.

  • Nepal

    Earthquake Recovery: Nepal is a stunning country of postcard beauty, but it is still recovering from a devastating series of earthquakes in 2015. ADRA’s earthquake response has helped many people rebuild their lives, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

    Project: You will work with ADRA to rebuild earthquake-damaged schools, bathroom facilities, and water systems, meaning children will be able to learn in a safer environment.

  • Thailand

    Aquaponics and Greenhouse: Travel to beautiful northern Thailand and join ADRA’s efforts in protecting young girls from exploitation through our Keep Girls Safe project. Help us protect more vulnerable young girls and help give them a bright future.

    Project: You will work with our local ADRA team to build an aquaponics system and a greenhouse which will provide one Keep Girls Safe shelter with produce and an income opportunity.

  • Vanuatu

    Installing Water Systems: Though an island paradise, Vanuatu is not free from challenges. Many local communities face daily struggles with things we take for granted. You’ll work closely with one of these communities to bring change that will be enjoyed for years to come.

    Project: Build life-changing water tanks and toilets in remote communities. You’ll also run a kids club, ensuring that future generations understand good hygiene practices, protecting them from water-borne disease.

  • Media Trips

    Storytelling: Are you a photographer, videographer, journalist, or have an interest in storytelling? We are offering media trips to every location where we run ADRA Connections, and we’d love to have you along! These are tailored trips that will be kept small and come at a reduced cost because of the gift you are giving in sharing your talents through media and storytelling. Sharing stories is vital in helping people learn about the work of ADRA and bringing support to projects all around the world.

    A separate application is required for media trips, which must include a portfolio of creative work (writing, photography, or video). All applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by a team of marketing professionals. Selected applicants will be notified directly by an ADRA Connections representative.


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