Maybe your church has a thousand members.  Or maybe it barely has twenty on a good week.

Regardless of the details, God is in your church.  And we know that where God is, great things can happen.  As the humanitarian heart of the Adventist Church, ADRA is all about working with God to make those great things happen, and we want you to join us.  From gift catalogs and fundraisers to full sermons and interactive games, we have the resources to meet your congregation’s needs.


Upcoming Events

October 29-31

AMEN conference in South Carolina
(Hilton Head Island, SC)

November 5

General assembly at Southwestern Adventist University
and Missions Fair
(Keene, TX)

November 7

The last week of the Seven Days Without series at Beltsville SDA Church, bringing light to ways you can make a difference in the world through ADRA projects.
(Beltsville, MD)

November 7

Azure Hills SDA Church fundraiser for ADRA water projects
(Grand Terrace, CA)

November 13

ADRA sermon at church plant
(Laurel, MD)

December 11

Atholton Adventist Academy ADRA chapel
(Columbia, MD)

December 30-January 3

GYC Convention
(Louisville, KY)


April 15-17

Walla Walla University ADRA weekend with Jonathan Duffy.
(Walla Walla, WA)

May 24

La Sierra ADRA chapel with Jonathan Duffy.
(Riverside, CA)