May 03

EMERGENCY: Cyclone Fani bringing destruction to India and Bangladesh. Get involved now!

ADRA is prepared to respond in India and Bangladesh as the dangerous storm makes landfall, threatening more than 100 million people. DONATE TO ADRA’s EMERGENCY FUND NOW Tropical storm Fani, (pronounced “foe-nee”) a severe cyclonic storm formed in the Bay of Bengal with wind gusts of up to 127 mph, is heading to the eastern …

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Jun 07

ADRA Responding Following Guatemala Volcano

ADRA is responding after the fatal eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. ADRA Guatemala and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Guatemala are distributing food baskets, hygiene kits, and clean water to thousands who have been displaced from their homes by the disaster. Click to give in support of people affected by this disaster and others …

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Sep 22

ADRA Responding in Puerto Rico and other Major Disaster Locations

ADRA’s emergency response team is currently responding to multiple major emergencies around the world, including Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, back to back earthquakes in Mexico, devastating floods in Nepal, and the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh. The following links will take you the latest information on each crisis. These …

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Oct 03

Haiti Update: Hurricane Matthew Response Continues

Donations to ADRA’s emergency fund are still needed as the response to Hurricane Matthew continues. An astounding 2.1 million have been greatly affected by the effects if Hurricane Matthew, including close to 900,000 children. Around 1,000 lost their lives to the storm in Haiti alone. For any country, this is huge. For a country already on its knees, …

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Apr 17

Ecuador Earthquake Response Continues

ADRA’s disaster response is into its second week after a devastating earthquake hit the country of Ecuador. ADRA Ecuador has been mobilizing hundreds of active volunteers in the most affected areas of the country. These volunteers are running collection sites that receive donations of nonperishable food and basic hygiene items from church members and the general public, as well …

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Oct 30

European Refugee Crisis: Slovenia and No-Man’s Land

A No-Man’s land exists where refugees leaving Croatia must wait before they can enter Slovenia. Sometimes hours turn into overnight, leaving refugees hungry and cold. ADRA Slovenia has set up temporary shelters so refugees can rest, and also prepare food that is available for all. This is the first meal in a long time for many of …

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Oct 17

European Refugee Crisis: A Warm Response in Greece

Thousands of refugees are arriving on the shores of Greece every day. After the treacherous trip across the Mediterranean, in rubber dinghies over high waves, they arrive far from where they are able to get legal papers and continue their journey. Colder weather is now adding to severe exhaustion and hunger as threats to these displaced …

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Apr 30

Shelter Distribution Begins in Nepal

Response to the earthquake in Nepal continues as ADRA begins to distribute much needed shelter to affected families in Dhading and Kavre districts. Rainfall has already begun in Kathmandu and other affected areas. Meteorologists have predicted rainfall for the next 10 days, creating difficulty and discomfort for those still forced to sleep outside. “We are working …

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