May 14

Child Survival: Christian’s Story

We met baby Christian in Indonesia, where he was severely malnourished and struggling to survive. Matt, one of our staff members, shared his travel journal from the visit. It was my last day on Sangihe Island, Indonesia, and I was only a few hours away from departing for the mainland when I received a call …

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Feb 09

No One Left

No One Left: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay The festival seems like any other—clowns, balloons, painted faces and broad smiles.  There is music and dancing.  There are games and activities.  There are mothers and children. This little boy is excited to see his mother in prison. Clowns and balloons made the day extra special for …

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Jan 26

The Roma

The Roma: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay ADRA was lucky to have Sanjay Thomas join our crew and act as our “A Closer Walk” host in the field, experiencing the reality of humanitarian aid work. He shared the following photos and thoughts from his time with ADRA and the Roma community in Albania. Two street …

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