Statement: ADRA Presentation at Union College worship

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) sincerely apologizes and deeply regrets the statements that one of its employees, Jason Brooks, made at Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska on Nov. 11, 2021 during the uGather worship which was attended by students, staff, and faculty. The presentation was not in line with the message that ADRA was invited to share at Union College, which was to focus on service and how ADRA’s global humanitarian work can be a conduit to help others around the world.

ADRA would like to clarify that the comments made by Mr. Brooks were a gross violation of the ADRA code of conduct and the values we hold dear as a humanitarian organization. They do not reflect nor are they a representation of ADRA. We sincerely and deeply apologize for the questionable statements that were made on several issues, including the Adventist Church, to the Union College community who expected more from us, and instead were offended, embarrassed, and let down. 

ADRA ensures that all official representatives who speak on behalf of the agency are vetted prior to speaking engagement and follow our standards regarding message and language. ADRA takes very seriously any breach of these professional standards. ADRA has reviewed this matter carefully and prayerfully and has decided to terminate Mr. Brooks effective immediately. 

ADRA takes an active role in nurturing young people so they can become active citizens to serve humanity so all may live as God intended. We take the spiritual safety and growth of every person, especially young people, with the utmost care and are committed to ensuring that every individual feels they can contribute to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in different ways.

As the global humanitarian arm of the Adventist Church, we seek to serve those in need in partnership with the church in many countries, understanding each other’s strengths and leveraging our resources wherever possible. This partnership has never been more critical than during the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has allowed ADRA and the Adventist Church to work together like never before to bring relief to millions of families in need. 

We ask for your ongoing prayers and support as ADRA continues to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we serve a world in need through justice, compassion, and love.

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About ADRA

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is the international humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church serving in 118 countries. Its work empowers communities and changes lives around the globe by providing sustainable community development and disaster relief. ADRA’s purpose is to serve humanity so all may live as God intended.

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