A Baby Named ADRA in Yemen

Yemen is in a hunger crisis so severe that much of the country is now on the brink of famine. Abdo (pictured above), a Yemeni father with nine family members under his care, knows more than most about making sacrifices to keep his family fed in these conditions.

Earlier this year, Abdo was suffering from a serious eye infection and urgently needed surgery to fix it. Unfortunately, the escalating price of food in conflict-ridden Yemen meant that any money he had went to feed his family, and his eye went without care.

Abdo was able to join one of ADRA’s food assistance programs in Yemen, which provided his family with critical food and other resources. This allowed Abdo to save enough of his money for his critical eye surgery.

Twelve days after the operation on his eye, Abdo’s wife gave birth to a baby girl and Abdo named her Adra!

Abdo told us: “I regained my sight, now I can see the world with the assistance of ADRA. Thank you, ADRA!”


You can learn more about ADRA’s projects in Yemen here.

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