Children on the Move

Vincent was only 3 when his father left their home in Ghana to start a new life for his family in Italy. His mother followed soon after. Vincent knew his parents were working hard to make a better future for them, and he was well cared for by an aunt, but Vincent still felt lonely. […]

Manju’s Story

When Cyclone Fani tore through the village of Danapada in India, Manju knew her home and family wouldn’t be safe. She sent her children to stay with relatives and took shelter with her neighbors until she was able to return to her house. When the family returned, there was nothing left to call home. The […]

Rachel’s Story

Violence ripped Rachel’s bright future from her fingertips. At just 19 years old, she lost her family, her home, and everything she owned. Rachel shares a one-bedroom house with her six-person family in Uganda. But it’s not their home—home lies across the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A year ago, rebels violently raped […]

Emilienne’s Story

Before 2015, Emilienne was always frowning. The mother of four in Madagascar had good reason: her husband had left her, her children were hungry, and she could not afford any school fees.  “I used to be so worried all the time,” the single mother said. “When people would talk to me, I couldn’t even listen […]

“From Hate and Ignorance to Peace, Love, and Acceptance"

SILVER SPRING, MD (5-16-19) – During a recent summit held in Geneva, Switzerland, Jonathan Duffy, president for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) joined hundreds of interfaith world leaders to discuss fostering inclusivity and countering hate speech to enhance the protection of religious minorities, refugees, and migrants.  Duffy served on a panel of esteemed […]

Child Survival Video

Your support for child survival will be DOUBLED to reach little ones who need you.

Child Survival Video

Your support for child survival will be DOUBLED to reach more little ones who need you.

Damy’s Story

MAKE YOUR $1=$2 MATCH DONATION NOW Soamihery leans against the mud wall of her single room hut, her eyes dim with chronic fatigue and hunger. She is holding her newborn, Herico, and supporting her toddler son, Damy, an acutely malnourished two-year-old with the development of a child half his age. Around the corner, his two […]

Mothers Around The World

By: Michael Rohm A mother is not just a noun. As a verb, to mother can mean many things: to love, to teach, to provide, to heal, to listen, to sacrifice, to inspire. The list goes on. Additionally, a mother is not just biological. In my travels with ADRA, I’ve met countless mothers—those who mother […]

India and Bangladesh

Food, Shelter, and Non-Food Items Remain a High Need as Survivors of Cyclone Fani Try to Regain Normalcy Assistance for food may take a while as survivors of Cylone Fani (pronounced “foe-nee”) in India and Bangladesh recover.  INDIA Since tropical Cyclone Fani made landfall in the Odisha State of India on May 3, many people have […]