Stronger than the Storm

Stronger than the Storm: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay   The man and his boy are bowed over the side of the boat, their faces dark in the shadow of the setting sun.  Cast against the light fading behind ageless mountains, they seem to flow formlessly with the sea, and, but for the flash of […]

Selling Stories

Selling Stories: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay Pim is not happy to see her father.  The 14-year-old nervously avoids eye contact and her small hands flit about like broken-winged birds.  She shifts her weight from one leg to the other, bites her lip, and blows at a strand of hair falling across her forehead.  It […]

Winterization Assistance in Syria

ADRA’s Winterization Assistance program provides Syrian internally displaced persons (IDPs) with winter clothes and blankets to stay warm during the brutal Syrian winter. Rita is an elderly woman who never imagined having to leave her home behind at this stage in life. But when violence and unrest in Syria threatened the safety of her and […]

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay There is a moment during every sunset when the world is drained of all ugliness and pain and only colors remain.  In that ephemeral space of light and shadow, the world is beautiful. Then the colors fade, the shadows lengthen, and the moment is gone. In Adjumani […]

No One Left

No One Left: Behind the Scenes with Sanjay The festival seems like any other—clowns, balloons, painted faces and broad smiles.  There is music and dancing.  There are games and activities.  There are mothers and children. This little boy is excited to see his mother in prison. Clowns and balloons made the day extra special for […]